“It’s against my nature”: Just transferred to OM, he reveals his biggest flaw

Now well established at OM, Nuno Tavares is progressing under the leadership of Igor Tudor. Evolving mainly as a left piston, the young Portuguese still has some gaps in his game. The latter spoke on his main axis of progression.

Scorer against Toulouse last week, Nuno Tavares is gaining momentum within the Marseille workforce. Holder this Sunday against PSGthe former player of Benfica is reputed to be a very offensive player, but who sometimes has some shortcomings, especially in the defensive withdrawal. Before the meeting against PSG during the 25th day of League 1the player on loan from Arsenal took the opportunity to speak at the microphone of Premium Video, and he talked about his greatest weakness.

“I find it difficult to stay in place”, Nuno Tavares lucid on his greatest weakness

Often, the Portuguese project themselves enormously forward. An undeniable quality, but you have to know how to use it wisely, especially when the game requires it. At the microphone of Premium Video, Nuno Tavares declares: “My flaw? Don’t control me. I find it difficult to stay in place if we have to win a match in a few minutes. I want to run non-stop and I lose all my stamina. When I constantly go back and forth, I lose defensive lucidity, but I have to make the effort..

Nuno Tavares, a “too energetic” player

The number 30 of OM continues on his biggest fault, namely the fact of not being able to contain himself: “If I am too energetic? Yes I think for most games. If for example we lead 2-1, I want to score the third goal. I don’t like to see the adversary in our camp push us to our limits. That’s my mindset, but sometimes it’s not possible. So I have to stay back, but it’s against my nature.”.