A €1.1 billion revelation falls on McCourt, OM are jubilant

In 2016, Frank McCourt became owner of OM. The American businessman bought the Marseille club from Margarita Louis-Dreyfus for around €45m. Since then, Frank McCourt’s project at OM has experienced some turbulence, especially with Jacques-Henri Eyraud at its head. But despite this, the fortune of the 69-year-old American would not have really diminished.

After the PSG in 2012, it is theOM which changed ownership in 2016. The Marseille club passed from the hands of Margarita Louis Dreyfus to those of Frank McCourt. A few years ago, the project established by the American owner went straight into the wall. But, despite that, Frank McCourt would have had no effect on his wealth.

McCourt’s fortunes haven’t budged

According to information from Sportunethe wealth of Frank McCourt would still be fairly close to what it held a few years ago. It would still be estimated at 1.2 billion dollars, or around 1.1 billion euros. This fortune would make him one of the wealthiest sports owners in France.

Longoria is unanimous at OM

In 2016, Frank McCourt had bought theOM To Margarita Louis Dreyfus for the sum of approximately €45 million. After naming Jacques-Henri Eyraud as president, the American owner gave the reins of the club to Pablo Longoria. And since he is at the head of the presidency of theOM, the Marseille president is carrying out the project. The Spaniard is also unanimous now. Frank McCourt something to be happy about.