OM-PSG: Marseille recounts its worst nightmare with Mbappé

During the October 2018 Classic at the Vélodrome, Kylian Mbappé rocked the game. While OM and PSG were back to back before he came into play, the Parisian number 7 allowed his team to win. A nightmare that Mamadou Niang, former glory of OM, has not forgotten.

On October 28, 2018, the PSG and theOM clashed at the stadium Velodrome. While the Marseillais were close to achieving the feat by defeating their great Parisian rival, Kylian Mbappé shattered all their hopes.

Mbappé disgusted OM in October 2018

While theOM and the PSG neutralized each other (0-0), Kylian Mbappe changed everything when he entered the game in the 62nd minute. While he opened the scoring only three minutes after entering, the Parisian striker tipped the game. In the end, the PSG won 2-0. Julian Draxler having dealt the coup de grace to theOM in the final moments of the game. A sad evening Mamadou Niang did not forget.

“When he came in, he changed the game in 5 minutes”

“Kylian Mbappé on the bench during OM-PSG in October 2018? On the Olympian side, we were really happy with this decision. Unfortunately, it was useless because when he entered, he changed the game in 5 minutes”regretted Mamadou Niang, former gloryOMin an interview with Telefoot.