OM complete three reinforcements, a crisis is avoided

Appointed president of OM in 2021 to succeed Jacques-Henri Eyraud, Pablo Longoria has not always had it easy on the Canebière. But for some time, the Spaniard has had unconditional support internally. In particular, he can count on the three new members of his management when things are not going well.

Promoted to President in 2021 to replace Jacques-Henri Eyraud, Pablo Longoria had to manage almost everything on his own at OM. In order to obtain valuable help, he surrounded himself with a few people within the management. The Spaniard recruited Javier Ribaltawho officiates as director of football, Pedro Iriondo (Director of Strategy) and Stephane Tessier (financial director). And things are obviously much better since their arrival.

Longoria completed three precious arrivals at OM

As reported Provence, Pablo Longoria could rely on Pedro Iriondo, Javier Ribalta And Stephane Tessier when things weren’t going wellOM. In particular, he was able to count on their support during the crisis at the start of the season, between the end of September and the beginning of November, when the club did not show the expected results in the Champions League.

OM have regained stability

Longoria? He has surrounded himself with very good people, who give the club the stability it needs. ” moreover confided the journalist of the SER padlock Anton Maenaclose friend of Pablo Longoriain the columns of Provence. The president of theOM had a fine nose attracting Pedro Iriondo, Javier Ribalta And Stephane Tessier on the Canebière.