the president destroys Real Madrid and Barça on arbitration!

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Since yesterday evening, the controversy has been lively in Spain around the arbitration of the derby Real Madrid – Atlético (1-1). In particular, a red card inflicted on Correa who did not fail to make people talk, and to scandalize Atlético who considers that the injustice is enormous.

Miguel Angel Gil, the president of Atlético, has also decided not to remain silent on the subject, via a press release on the official website of the club where he returns to the evening of yesterday and the decisions he does not not include.

“There is no need to insist any longer. I already said it a few weeks ago and I confirm it word for word. It’s a shame! We always suffer from this type of action against this team due to the constant pressure on the refereeing. It is unreasonable that it is so difficult for a referee to send off one of his players even though the action is clear and without room for interpretation, as happened in our last game on this same ground, and that yesterday it is so easy to expel Ángel Correa unjustly”.

The president of the Colchoneros does not hesitate to attack Real Madrid head-on, considering that the referees are regularly biased with the merengue club during the various derbies.

“After the last derby, I decided to share my opinion publicly and for that alone I received a lot of criticism and suspensions from different forums. However, I received countless private expressions of support. I particularly liked those who came from media professionals and former referees, because they understood my complaint better than anyone against a system that is not fair and that tries to influence the decisions of people who should be impartial judges. I know there are many people like us who denounce an unfair system, but we cannot normalize what is abnormal. I refuse to let us get used to these situations, although unfortunately they have become a habit for years. I’m not trying to find excuses to justify yesterday’s result. »

Finally, Miguel Angel Gil returned to the Negreira affair which has been plaguing Barça lately, not failing to tackle the Catalan club but also Real Madrid, which continues to remain behind in this affair when all the La Liga clubs denounce it. .

“The integrity of the competition cannot be questioned. If fans come to question the integrity of the game, we are all hurt. Over the past few weeks, we have come across some very relevant information that requires serious investigation. We have no choice but to get to the bottom of this case. This is what all LaLiga clubs have demanded except two: the club to be investigated and another. I am convinced that our football deserves that we all work together so that there is not a single doubt or suspicion. I intend to continue to do so and I hope that at least on this we can all agree. »