Real Madrid: 20 years of allegations and confirmed suspicions

Real Madrid are part of the football system, although it may seem otherwise. They are not oblivious to anything that happens. Not now, nor years ago. They are a fundamental part of it.

For two decades Perez has been denouncing sporting and refereeing situations that, according to Madrid’s leaders, were outside all rules and logic. They did not understand them, they felt persecuted.

They were suspicious of plots, of collusion and the Bernabeu insisted on trying to prove that nothing was coincidental.

At the Ciudad del Futbol nobody listened, everyone looked the other way when the club and many others raised situations that nobody understood.

With the arrival in 2018 of Luis Rubiales to the presidency of the Federation, the change was evident and this was recognised with the active return to the assemblies. Despite this, there was a direct complaint in 2019 about the use of the VAR.

The official silence now in the face of Barcelona‘s payments to a company owned by Enriquez Negreira when he was vice-president of the Technical Committee of Referees, has confirmed everything that the Bernabeu has been denouncing, as authorised voices from Real Madrid admit to MARCA, who also recognise that the problem now belongs to others, those who branded as sick those who denounced the system for many years.

Los Blancos, despite what fans expected, are not going to join any initiative of LaLiga, a body with which they are in conflict long before the appearance of the European Super League.

Letters, leaks…

Although it had been going on for a long time, the first protests came back in 2011 in the form of calls to the Federation, then with letters, later with publications on the web, videos, leaks and subsequent departure from any federative commission.

Many of these moves were censured by clubs that have now signed LaLiga’s letter against Barcelona. Real Madrid’s support for Gerardo Gonzalez in an election for president against Villar, only complicated things.

Jose Mourinho was the impetus for Real Madrid to forget the forms and go to the substance. In 2011 he openly criticised the RFEF on the website after a change in refereeing appointments: “The RFEF biases the referees against Real Madrid,” Mourinho said.

Then came the decalogue of the Portuguese. In 2017 the complaint was repeated with a background of suspicion after certain decisions, repeated in 2017 after a Barcelona goal against Malaga, culminating in Sanchez Arminio’s phrase in a refereeing meeting: “in the collective, Real Madrid does not like it”.

In 2019, the suspicions returned with a call from Florentino Perez to Rubiales about the use of the VAR. The story goes back a long way.