Draymond Green doesn’t shower after playing LeBron James? Deepfake fools Twitter

Golden State Warriors veteran Draymond Green and Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James are great friends, so when the former seemingly “showered” the latter with praise in a clip posted by a parody sports account on Saturday, many fans believed it was real.

Green, 32, can be seen and heard saying that he doesn’t shower after playing against James so as not to wash the greatness away.

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Buttcrack Sports,” the Twitter account which shared the clip, is known for publishing outrageous storylines that few believe.

This time, however, a large amount of Twitter users were convinced that Green would actually say something like that.

After a closer look, it’s clear that Green is not really saying those things in the video, making it an evident deepfake audio.

‘Draymond Green doesn’t shower’ joke

The “Draymond Green doesn’t shower” narrative is an ongoing joke on NBA Twitter and another parody account had previously shared a similar headline.

Last year, “Ballsack Sports” wrote that Green told Andrew Wiggins not to shower after James dropped 56 points in a March 2022 clash.

The deepfake audio is a lot more convincing than the simple headline, especially because the clip used is from Green’s podcast.

It’s unfortunate that many people will go on believing that the audio is real and will troll Green for sucking up to James.