Boxing: Mayweather vs. Chalmers goes the distance in front of nearly empty UK crowd

Floyd Mayweather “put on a show” in his latest exhibition fight, but the problem is that there were very few witnesses. He went eight rounds against Aaron Chalmers on Saturday in front of a virtually empty O2 Arena in London.

Mayweather, 46, was initially slated to go six rounds against Chalmers, but reportedly called an audible prior to the fight and added two extra periods.

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The fight was filled with antics from the 50-0 retired professional boxer, including spins and trash-talk.

Chalmers, 35, was just happy to be there, saying after the fight that lasting eight rounds is already a win for him.

This was the first time Mayweather fought in the United Kingdom, so many expected a large crowd, especially since he was boxing a British martial artist.

Why couldn’t Mayweather sell more tickets?

Mayweather is earning a ton of money for “fighting” lesser opponents, though it’s almost always just him taunting the other man in the ring.

It seems that fans of the combat sport are tired of the gimmick bouts and have chosen to abandon “Money.”

Thousands of tickets were left unsold despite promoters offering lofty discounts in an attempt to fill the 20,000-capacity arena.

The bout started over 20 minutes after its original scheduled time due to the virtually empty arena. Fans on social media were also quick to criticize the lackluster event.