Chilean model Daniella Chavez claims to have x-rated video with Cristiano Ronaldo

Before we start, this affair Daniella Chavez claims she had with Cristiano Ronaldo was before the Portuguese star even met Georgina Rodriguez. The mother of his children. Back in 2015, British tabloid The Sun made an interview where the model confessed this for the first time but she never revealed she had video that proves it. So much harassment must’ve gotten her sick and tired of trolls and she decided to come clean about what happened. As it turns out, Chavez alludes Cristiano was actually unfaithful to super model Iryna Shayk. In her statement, Chavez also alludes Messi has been unfaithful to his wife with other models.

She tries to take importance from the fact Ronaldo was unfaithful but she does a poor job at it. Chavez goes even further by claiming in sunsequent tweet responses that she has proof of her claims. At a certain moment, she even says she has video os the encounter but she refuses to release it in order to respect Cristiano Ronaldo’s privacy. But if she wanted, Daniella Chavez would set the internet ablaze if she released that alleged x-rated video. No response from Cristiano Ronaldo has taken place and it’s unlikely he will react to this in any way.

Daniella Chavez’s x-rated Ronaldo video

This is what Daniella Chavez wrote on her Twitter account and even tagged Ronaldo: “If someone has sex with a person who is not your partner but a free-minded individual with no explanations, is that considered cheating? If so, were Cristiano and I unfaithful? It was only sex. Free sex also exists. I always denied it and made up stories to avoid it. But I can’t hide it anymore. No need to add anything that isn’t true, I know other women who dated a very famous Argentina No. 10 as well. I even have a video to prove it but I can’t upload it because it’s his privacy and we are completely naked.”