Andrew Tate shares his workout routine while he is locked up in a Romanian cell

It’s been two months since influencer Andrew Tate hs been locked up in a Romanian prison next to his brother over sex trafficking charges. His lawyers are doing everything they can to get both brothers out but Tate doesn’t like wasting time. To those who don’t know, his business is to “coach” young men who want to have a lifestyle that resembles how Andrew Tate lives. They don’t seem to care about his actions or possible crimes, many of them even defend him from any type of criticism. AThe disgrced influencer is trying to make the best out of his time in jail with many privileges behind bars that fall in line with Romanian jail commodities.

Andrew Tate shares his workout routine with Twitter followers

Out of the countless tweets he’s uploaded during this time, there are a few great gems that we can’t count out. Because of course Andrew Tate still has access to internet and his many clients that receive coaching from him. All his tweets and messages are directed at all the people who keep paying him for his advice. He has developed a cult following that can be considered dangerous for human progress due to his inflamatory and divisive ideas. Some of his tweets do show a small glimpse of a person who could be losing his mind.

But the biggest take away from Andrew Tate’s Twitter interactions is that he still has his platform to keep talking about his corrosive philosophy. No authority has managed to prevent him from talking to all his followers frmo jail. As far as the case goes, Andrew Tate and his brother are still trying to get their lawyers to solve the case and get them out of jail. In the meantime, Andrew Tate will keep sharing his every move and thought from his jail cell. What do you think will happen with Andrew Tate and his brother?