Boxing: Tyson Fury thinks Tommy Fury can beat Jake Paul while he is drunk out of his mind

Someone needs to tell Tyson and Tommy Fury what has happened with opponents who get too cocky with Jake Paul ahead of a new fight. Even though Tommy is the first professional boxer he fights in his career, Jake Paul cannot be underestimated. Professional analysts in the sport have already broken down the Youtuber’s skill and confirmed he is actually a legit boxer. This isn’t like brother Logan Paul’s lack of strategy to fight Floyd Mayweather. Jake actually studies movement and boxing with determination. His goal is to someday get a shot at a title and he finally found it.

A victory for Jake Paul means he will be able to actually consider himself inside the professional rankings. But Tyson and Tommy Fury are too confident leading up to Sunday’s fight in Saudi Arabia. During media day ahead of the fight, Tommy spoke about his brother Tyson and his prediction of this fight. The example he used sounds exaggerated but Tyson Fury would 100% say a wild statement like what Tommy Fyury revealed he said. Jake keeps to his strategy before the fight of provoking his opponent as much as he can with any trick in the book.

Ten pints of beer for Tommy Fury

At this point, it’s hard to call who will dominate this fight because Jake Paul earned the benefit of the doubt with his previous fights, especially the one against Anderson Silva. This is what Tommy Fury said: “I had a chat with Tyson a few weeks ago and he said to me on the phone, ‘There is no way this guy can live with you.’ And he’s seen me box in the gym. He’s seen my fights, everything. He said, ‘I’m the heavyweight champion of the world. What I don’t know about boxing isn’t worth knowing. This guy can’t live with you.’ He actually said I could go and have ten pints of beer the night before and still beat him.”