Boxing: Tommy Fury shoves Jake Paul as pair trash talk during weigh-in

Tommy Fury and Jake Paul are finally going to face off in the boxing ring on Sunday and their final weigh-in took place on Saturday, almost ending in a brawl.

As was to be expected, there was a war of words between Tyson Fury‘s half-brother and the YouTuber-turned-boxer, but it then escalated when Fury shoved Paul on stage.

At that point, security quickly stepped in and pulled them apart, meaning fans will now have to wait until Sunday for the pair to come together again.

What did Tommy Fury and Jake Paul say during their trash talking?

Both fighters were confident and full of insults during the pre-fight trash talking.

“Tomorrow night his time is up, Jake Paul will no longer be boxing,” Fury said.

“I’m going to put this man away inside four rounds.

“You’re going to see why our last name is Fury, because we’re the best at fighting to ever live, that’s the reason why.”

Jake Paul responded and called out his opponent for playing to the cameras.

“He’s acting up on stage,” Paul said.

“This professional boxer is going down, man. Easy. Simple.

“I’m ready, calm, cool and collected. This is what I do.

“He’s never been in a moment like that. He’s shaking, you can see the nerves running through his system. He can’t stop moving.

“I’m chill, I’m a real killer, I don’t have to do all that acting s**t.

“I’m a real f**king dog, this is how I do it.”

When and where can you watch Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury?

The pair are now ready to go, after Fury weighed in at 184.5lb and Paul at 183.6lb.

The Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury fight will take place on Sunday in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, starting at 14:00 ET for those on the east coast of the USA, where the fight between Paul and Fury will be broadcast by ESPN+.

It is a pay-per-view fight, so those who want to watch it live on ESPN+ have to pay 49.99 dollars.