Zelensky to meet Xi Jinping: China’s plan to end the Ukraine war

According to Agence France-Presse, the Ukrainian president is reportedly considering a meeting with China’s top leader, Xi Jinping.

The reason why the two politicians have decided to meet is related to the Chinese president’s peace proposal.

The plan, which is quite ‘complex’, is made up of 11 points that seek to find a political solution to the armed conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

One of the elements most highlighted by Jinping‘s political body is that the non-use of nuclear weapons is key, since the event could be intensified even further if they were to be used.

Similarly, they considered that the resolution of the humanitarian crisis, a ceasefire on both sides and facilitating the export of basic foodstuffs, such as grain, were key aspects that should be taken into account by both governments in order to be able to sign a peace agreement.

Obviously, the most important of these was the resumption of peace talks, but it was also one of the most complex.

Zelensky plans to meet with Xi Jinping

Despite earlier rumors that China would side with Russia in this case, there are hopes that the Asian country can push forwards a peace agreement.

“I intend to meet with Xi Jinping. It will be important for global security,” Zelensky told AFP.

“China respects territorial integrity and must do everything possible to make Russia leave Ukrainian territory.”

Thus, the meeting between the two leaders could take place sooner than expected, despite the fact that organizations such as NATO have shown themselves to be somewhat skeptical of his plan.

The same was true of several EU countries and the United States. In any case, the Ukrainian president has decided to meet with the Chinese leader to discuss the situation.

As he said at the official press conference in Kiev where he gave this information, he considers that China’s role could be key in the withdrawal of Russian forces due to the commercial relationship that they have maintained with Vladimir Putin’s country for so long.