“I will be there next season”: Zidane is warned!

Having seen the France team pass him by, Zinedine Zidane must look for another challenge to bounce back. With Zizou’s name coming up more and more on the PSG side, that wouldn’t be the only option. Indeed, a return to Real Madrid is also mentioned. But it is still necessary that the place, currently occupied by Carlo Ancelotti, be released…

Party of real Madrid in May 2021, Zinedine Zidane could soon return to business. But where ? That is the question, even more so following the extension of Didier Deschamps in French team. Zizou has to revise his plans and today his name comes back insistently to the PSG. But not only.

Zidane still back at Real Madrid?

Never two without three for Zinedine Zidane ? While Zizou has already had two experiences as a coach of the real Madrid, here is that a new return is mentioned. Indeed, the name of Zidane circulates to take the place of Carlo Ancelotti for the season.

” I am calm “

However, on the side of Carlo Ancelottiit does not seem expected that he will leave the bench of the real Madrid. Indeed, this Friday, at a press conference, the merengue coach put things right for his future, assuring: ” Do I think I will be there next season? Yes yes. I don’t have to extend. I am calm. I just gotta win games “.