Fan Tokens: U2, Evanescence… Juventus fans choose song for the Allianz Stadium

Juventus is struggling in some second halves this season, but it’s a trend that could improve with the latest decision made by the club through the portal.

Now, fans will be able to choose the song that will cheer the team on at halftime.

The club has created a new initiative where fans in possession of Fan Tokens $JUV will be able to vote to decide which song will be played at the Allianz Stadium.

Anyone who has been to the Juventus Stadium at least once in their life knows the importance of the musical component in every match: one more reason to add value to the poll available on the app.

Five choices, just one song at the Allianz Stadium

In total, Fan Token holders can choose from five songs and the club will be obliged to play the most voted song over the public address system.

Five world-class artists such as The Prodigy, Evanescence U2, The Offspring or Woodkid are in the running, but only one of them will have the honor of accompanying Juventus in their next match.

  • Firestarter – The Prodigy
  • Bring Me to Life – Evanescence
  • Elevation – U2
  • Come out and Play – The Offspring
  • Run Boy Run – Woodkid

This initiative is part of a series of contests and surveys that Juventus offers to its fans, including, for example, the choice of Marcello Lippi‘s saying that he used with the players, about ten days ago, before playing the match against Fiorentina.

What are the $JUV Fan Tokens?

Fan Tokens $JUV are digital assets managed using Chiliz’s blockchain technology.

Their number of holdings is limited and their ownership is registered on the blockchain for life.

With a single $JUV you can have access to exclusive benefits and multiple advantages as a Juventus fan, for example, voting on club decisions or VIP access to matches or events.

Fan Tokens have no expiration date and do not require the payment of an annual renewal fee and ownership of $JUV gives access to rewards and prizes.