McLaren’s testing delays not due to car failure

In the round-up: McLaren team principal Andrea Stella says the delays the team suffered on Thursday were not due to any failure on the car

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McLaren’s delays in testing not due to car failure – Stella

McLaren team principal Andrea Stella says that the delays the team suffered on Thursday were to avoid potential failures from occurring.

The team had the lowest mileage over the opening day of testing than any other team, covering fewer than 100 laps. However Stella, who has recently taken over as team principal of McLaren, said their day had gone “largely to plan”.

“Despite a few very minor issues, which are common at testing, we’ve got a lot of information and were able to complete a lot of test items,” Stella said.

“There were some short delays caused by the team wanting to reinforce the bodywork in some places in order to prevent a failure. These were preventative measures, but we thought they were useful to make so we could run safely and reliably for the remainder of the day. Overall, a positive day. We hope to continue like this for day two and three so we’re ready for the first race of the season.”

Drugovich describes sudden testing call up

Aston Martin reserve driver described how he was called up out of the blue to travel to Silverstone and prepare to step in for Lance Stroll during testing in Bahrain.

The reigning Formula 2 champion was summoned by the team to take over for Stroll in the three day test after Stroll injured his hand in a cycling accident.

“I was just walking in the centre of my city,” he explained. “I was in Italy. I was in Milan. Just relaxed.

“I got a call from [Aston Martin F1 CEO] Martin Whitmarsh saying that something had happened to Lance and I needed to go straight to the simulator. So I bought a flight for I think less than 12 hours later and I was already on a plane to the UK to do one day of simulator. So everything was quite interesting.”

IndyCar to run guayule tyres at all street races

IndyCar will race using alternate compound tyres made from guayule desert shrub at all five of its races around street circuits this season.

The series ran using Firestone tyres made with rubber derived from the shrub at the Nashville round last season. The shrub is farmed and used in the construction of sidewalls. This season, the material will be used in the alternate compound tyres for this season’s five street races.

“We are driving sustainability in every area of our business, and we’re thrilled to be advancing guayule and other sustainable practices in America’s premier open-wheel racing series,” said CEO of Bridgestone Americas, Paolo Ferrari. “Firestone has a tremendous legacy of innovation and performance in racing, which we will continue to build upon as we move into this new era of cleaner, safer and more sustainable mobility on and off the track.”

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