The British government is changing the rules of the Premier League!


The Premier League is set to undergo a real revolution in the coming months. The British government has validated the idea of ​​​​creating a control body aimed at curbing the excessive spending of its clubs and better distributing wealth.

Premier League logo illustration

The Premier League breaks investment records every year during transfer windows. This winter, his clubs have spent 920 million euros to strengthen themselves, more than La Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga and Ligue 1 combined. By adding transfers from the summer market, the sum reaches… 3.17 billion euros. Chelsea alone represents 37% of this total. But the British government, in collaboration with the English Football Federation, intends to sound the clap of an end to this reckless spending.

Towards a pyramidal transfer of income to the lower divisions

According to the English press, the British government has validated the creation of an independent control body which aims to redistribute the wealth of the Premier League and control their owners. This regulator aims above all to prevent the bankruptcies of certain historic clubs, as was the case of Derby County, Bury or Macclesfield Town. The income will soon be transferred in a pyramid fashion in the lower divisions.

The organization also aims to ensure the good health of clubs, to restore influence to supporters and to prevent the participation of English teams in closed competitions such as the Super League. The regulator will have absolute powers of management and control over all football clubs, and therefore over the English championships. This new regulation will also have the effect of preventing the takeover of clubs by investors with a single economic purpose.

A small earthquake across the Channel. Certainly the biggest revolution since the creation of the Premier League in 1992. These new conditions should make the owners or potential buyers of clubs such as Manchester United react.