Barcelona: Latest Negreira revelation: He asked Barcelona for more money ‘after years of favors’ and named ‘Mr. Laporta’

The details of yet another burofax sent by Jose Maria Enriquez Negreira to Barcelona have been revealed.

The former vice-president of the Spanish refereeing committee demanded that Barcelona continue to pay him in a burofax sent on December 3, 2018, around the time when the Catalan sought to end ties with the official.

In his plea for continued payment, Negreira referred to “so many years of close ties, so much lending of favors and so much confidence shared”, according to the latest report by El Mundo.

At the same time, he pointed out that he had always received direct “indications” from the various presidents, among them “Mr. Laporta”.

In terms of the timeline of this burofax, it was sent prior to the first of the burofaxes unveiled by El Mundo, in which he warned that he would bring to light all the “irregularities” in which he had participated and that he had “accredited”.

What else did Jose Maria Enriquez Negreira write in the burofax?

El Mundo shared extensive details of the comments made by Jose Maria Enriquez Negreira as he urged Barcelona not to end their relationship.

“Since 2003, the organisation Dasnil 95, S.L., operated by Mr. Enriquez, has been providing technical advisory services at the direction of presidents Mr. Laporta, Mr. Rosell and Mr. Bartomeu,” he said.

“Since 2003, it has been adapting the company to the needs of FC Barcelona, hiring personnel and training them for the strict needs of the club, which has required them to work exclusively to the extent whereby they cannot provide services to third parties.”

Negreira was also surprised by the non-payment of several invoices.

“I have been rather surprised by the unpaid invoices attached hereto, relating to the provision of services for the months of July until the current month of December, both inclusive, and totalling an amount due of 267,047 euros,” the burofax said.

“I would like to understand that this non-payment is due to some kind of administrative error.”

The former referee then urged the club to pay the outstanding amounts “within 10 working days”, for which he provided an account number.

Ultimately, the communication on behalf of former vice-president of the refereeing committee considered it “imperative to reach a positive and constructive understanding” so that “greater evils and undesirable actions for both parties will be avoided”.