Khloe Kardashian faces lawsuit from former assistant alleging she got fired over a knee Injury

Khloe Kardashianhas been hit with a lawsuit by her former household assistant, Matthew Manhard, who alleges that he was wrongfully terminated after suffering a knee injury.

According to court documents obtained by TMZ, Manhard claims he worked for Kardashian from January 2019 until November 2022 and that his employment with her was a “total nightmare.”

Manhard alleges that he was fired by Kardashian when he tried to return to work after sustaining a knee injury. He claims that Kardashian kept him so busy with tasks that he often couldn’t take his legally required breaks, and she also allegedly refused to pay him overtime even though he worked 12-hour days.

However, Kardashian’s legal representative has refuted these claims, stating that Manhard was “properly classified and compensated for his role” and that it is “unfortunate to learn that a former employee would choose to go this route.”

The Kardashian family has been having legal troubles

The lawsuit against Kardashian is just the latest in a string of legal troubles for the Kardashian family.

Last year, Khloe’s sister, Kim Kardashian, was sued for allegedly failing to pay wages to her former gardening and maintenance staff.

Kardashian has yet to comment publicly on the lawsuit, but her legal team is expected to respond in court. The case is currently ongoing, and it is unclear when a verdict will be reached.

Meanwhile, their brother, Rob Kardashian, has also been hit with several lawsuits in recent years, including one from his former partner, Blac Chyna, who accused him of assault and battery.