Qatar have everything planned for Messi, PSG take action recently revealed discussions between the Lionel Messi clan and PSG. It would seem that it was Luis Campos who stuck to it, with Jorge Messi, for a contract for an additional season.

He won absolutely everything. After the Copa America in 2021, Lionel Messi won the coveted World Cup. The Argentinian international has therefore finished the game, whether in club or selection. What encourage him to launch an ultimate challenge before the end of his career?

Negotiations between PSG and Messi for an extension

Lionel Messi had revealed before the World Cup in Qatar that it would be his last World Cup. What about his adventure PSG ? While he is under contract until the end of the season, Messi and his entourage discuss with the Paris HolyGerman in order to extend his lease according to TyC Sports. revealed to you on February 18 that the negotiations are indeed taking place between the two parties.

A discussion between the father of Messi and Campos for a one-year contract

Invited to speak on the set of TyC Sportsthe journalist Florent torch took stock of the case Lionel Messi the latter, further asserting on Twitter that Jorge Messifather of the striker PSGreportedly recently met with the club’s football adviser Luis Fields to discuss a one-year contract extension. The Qatari owners would make said extension a hot issue, the scene is set.