Brock Purdy will delay his elbow surgery at least until March, could still be ready for training camp

The 49ers quarterback room has been a hospital in the past few years, with the team’s starter ultimately not being able to finish the season due to injury, regardless of the name being at the helm, as it happened with Jimmy Garoppolo, Trey Lance and even Brock Purdy, their third string quarterback who turned into an NFL sensation, losing his first game as a starter up until the NFC Championship.

Purdy tore his right elbow’s ulnar collateral ligament or UCL during the San Francisco 49ers loss to the Philadelphia Eagles during the playoffs and was originally scheduled to undergo surgery this week, but it has since been announced that the quarterback decided to delay the operation after discussing it with his orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Keith Meister.

Tom Pelissero from the NFL Network said that both parties agreed that it’ll be in Purdy’s best interest to delay the surgery to allow the the swelling in his elbow to decrease, which will allow him to have a full range of motion, with them meeting once again in March to evaluate a new timeline.

Brock Purdy could still be ready for training camp

Originally, Brock Purdy was scheduled to be sidelined for six months, with the quarterback being able to resume throwing the football at around three months after the surgery, with the timeline allowing him to take the field alongside his teammates at the start of training camp in July.

Tom Pelissero is also reporting that the timeline for his return appears to be untouched, but it’ll all depend on how Purdy’s injury and recovery evolve this offseason.

The San Francisco 49ers will have their two top options at quarterback coming back from season ending injuries in Trey Lance and Brock Purdy.

Who’ll eventually be named the starter by Kyle Shanahan? Only time will tell.