Borussia Dortmund tackle Cristiano Ronaldo

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Long mentioned as a possible base for Cristiano Ronaldo, who finally signed for the Saudi club Al Nassr, Borussia Dortmund finally did not move a finger last summer or during the winter transfer window to attract the services of the Portuguese legend. About two months after the refusal, the German club’s general manager, Carsten Cramer, explained in a podcast at Kicker the reason not to open negotiations with one of the most successful players of this century: “Borussia Dortmund’s value does not depend on the number of social media followers. We are a football club, that is the most important idea. We may have the best marketing ideas in the world, but if we then lose 3-0 to Freiburg at home, it’s no use.”said the German leader.

According to Cramer, CR7 does not correspond to the club’s philosophy and would bring more media than sporting benefits to the team. For the BVB general manager, the best marketing of Borussia Dortmund is done by its fans and no player should supplant the institution and its supporters: “It’s a blessing to have fans. Which brand has fans? Most have customers. We sell 500,000 shirts a year to supporters, they become Borussia Dortmund’s ambassadors.”. On the planet of social networks, Cristiano Ronaldo would indeed be a big plus. The star has 500 million followers on Instagram and 100 million on Twitter. BVB is followed by 17.6 million fans on Instagram and 4.3 million on Twitter.

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