Report: Patrick Mahomes and ESPN victims of fake story claiming QB cheated on drugs in Super Bowl LVII

Fake news is a normal thing these days around the Internet, however, when someone pays for them to appear as advertising on different social networks such as Facebook, Instagram and Messenger the problem becomes more serious. A scandal indirectly involving Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes and ESPN as victims is the latest example of this problem.

An investigation by revealed that articles of unknown provenance generated confusion as they were supposedly ESPN stories reporting that Mahomes was facing an investigation for “cheating allegations” of using performance-enhancing drugs in Super Bowl LVII.

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The alleged ESPN story accusing Mahomes of cheating

The article had the design and “look and feal” of’s news portal and its text, which was released on February 15, claimed that the MVP of Super Bowls LIV and LVII had used “Erexo Plus” and “High Pump” to enhance his performance during the NFL championship game.

By clicking on the publications, the user was sent to this site created specifically to make the reader believe that it was really a note with information from ESPN, but has already learned that the sports network has had no involvement whatsoever. This is a scam.

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It is not known who paid for the advertising of the fake stories

It is still unknown where the money came from for these ads to be published on the various social networks mentioned above and neither Mahomes nor ESPN have commented on the matter.

The Chiefs defeated the Philadelphia Eagles in Super Bowl LVII on February 12 at State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona. Mahomes was voted MVP of both the Vince Lombardi Trophy game and the regular season despite suffering a high ankle sprain two weeks earlier and taking a hit in the second quarter of the game.