Devin Booker stops following Kendall Jenner on IG amid possible Bad Bunny romance

A new scandal is brewing with a love triangle of Kendall Jenner, Devin Booker and singer Bad Bunny. The Phoenix Suns star was dating the super model for a while but the latest news of her date with the Puerto Rican singer may have caused a negative effect on Booker. If you go to his social media, Twitter and Instagram users were quick to note Devin Booker stopped following Kendall Jenner on every social media platform. This seems like Booker no longer associates himself with Jenner and it opens the door for Bad Bunny. Twitter users were also quick to note that Bad Bunny and Devin Booker have a small resemblance in terms of skin color and style of hair.

On Reddit, there was also major speculation to how everything happened and how Kendall Jenner might’ve planned the whole thing in order to get Booker off her back. But these are only theories from peple who are looking at the scandal and having some fun online. Many news outlets reached out to Devin Booker’s representatives but they refused to comment on the situation. Kendall Jenner’s rep also refused to comment despite being approached as well.

Kendall Jenner still follows Devin Booker

Judging on how everything has progressed, it appears only Devin Booker is unhappy with the way Kendall Jenner has handled this. The super model still follows the Phoenix Suns star on every social media they share. She doesn’t seem to mind given she split with Booker since October 2022. Apparently, the NBA star seemed like he had some hope for a possible reconciliation. But this Bad Bunny news completely kill any chances. Initially, their reps confirmed the split alleging they both had incredibly busy schedules and both wanted to make their careers their top priority.