Kim Kardashian drops the Spring Skims swimsuit collection: Did she break the Internet?

During the crazy UFO week America had, Kim Kardashian decided to drop a tease of her new Skims colection where she appears modeling one of the items with some people disguised as aliens on the back. She did announce the entire collection would drop on February 21 and here we are. Kardashian kept the alien-themed images where she appears wearing colorful monochromatic swimsuits with some exceptions such as black, gray, or brown variations. Every single time Kim Kardashian decides to show some skin, the Internet goes wild.

Today was no different, she got reactions from all over the social media platforms of people willing to go online and buy swimsuits from her brand. With the summer coming later this year, the new Skims collection will be one of the most sold ones for sure. Kardashian appears on many of the different images with the same three aliens right behind her wearing some of her swimsuits. Anybody who wants to go and buy some of Kim Kardashian’s products can go to the company’s website and buy it directly there.

How much are the Skims swimsuits going for?

Prices of Skims swimsuits vary depending on the model, the website has a big selection of items for every single style or taste. Let us start with the accesories that has a claw clip in five different colors for $24. They also have a terry towel in 8 different colors that goes for $48 a piece. The Skims seamless headband has five different colors and goes for $24. Kim Kardashian also put out cover ups that vary in price but no piece goes above $88. One-piece swimsuits are the most expensive ones at $92 and there are also two-pieces of different colors for different prices. Check out part of the collection right here.