An ex-Bayern coach knocks out Neymar: “An old man”


A former great German coach fired red balls at the Brazilian striker of PSG, Neymar.

It’s not just in France that Neymar is currently facing sour criticism. Abroad, too, people are beginning to point this out. Especially for the nonchalance he can display on the pitch. The last to have taken him down in the media was Félix Magath, the former coach of Bayern.

“Neymar is not fighting for the team”

Magath analyzed Ney’s performance during the 8e first leg of the Champions League against Bayern. For him, it was catastrophic. “It’s not football! What I saw against Bayern was old football, he claimed on Sky Germany. As a spectator, I want to see what the player gives to the team and how he contributes to the success of the game”.

Neymar is not the one who defends the most in the Parisian team, even if he does it a little more than Lionel Messi and Kylian Mbappé. For Magath, this is necessarily problematic. “Technically he is good. But what do you think of the number of players running around who are technically good and can hold the ball in the air? You are not a good footballer because of that. If you don’t put in the effort, then the best technique is useless. No more than if you are fast”.

Neymar will not have the opportunity to show Magath that he is wrong since his participation in the second round is seriously compromised due to an ankle problem. However, the interested party has not yet given up the idea of ​​returning in record time and helping his side to overcome their one-goal deficit against the Bavarians.