Dani Alves held in pre-trial detention!


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Dani Alves will remain in prison. For a month, the Brazilian has been imprisoned in Barcelona. The latter is suspected of having sexually assaulted and raped a woman in a nightclub in the city on December 30. The former Barça would have had non-consensual relations with the complainant in the toilets of the nightclub in question. After having repeatedly changed versions of the version of the facts, initially claiming not to know her, Dani Alves was remanded in custody by the Spanish courts, without the possibility of paying bail to be released.

This Tuesday, the Barcelona court was to rule on his release, requested by his lawyers. The instance rejected this appeal and maintains the provisional detention of Dani Alves. The full-back will likely remain in jail until his trial takes place.

To sum up

Dani Alves has been in pre-trial detention for several weeks. The Brazilian is suspected of sexually assaulting a woman at a Barcelona nightclub on December 30. His pre-trial detention has just been extended.