Piers Morgan keeps word, grills George Santos in first interview addressing his many lies

It’s no secret the United States Congress has several controversial representatives in office. But likely none more so than New York 3rd congressional district’s representative George Santos. The NY elected official has faced calls from both Democrats and even Republicans to resign.

It has been proven Santos lied about everything from his religion to his schooling background, athletic and profesional achievements.

After long avoiding questions in regard to his campaign based on lies, the embattled congressman agreed to sit down with British TV host Piers Morgan. When announcing his exclusive interview, Morgan promised to not go easy on Santos. And he kept his word.

George Santos was grilled on lying about his education

Asked why he thought he decided to spew so many lies, George Santos said he ran the same campaign in 2020 and “got away with it then”.

Piers Morgan then made Santos repeat the words “I’ve been a terrible liar.” And after some pressure, Santos finally uttered the sentence so many had been waiting to hear.

In regards to his fictional degrees from Baruch College and New York University, Santos told the British host it’s his “biggest regret in life.”

“Expectation on society, the pressure, couldn’t afford it”, Santos explained, “I decided I wanted to run for office, although I had built a very credible business career, but I just didn’t have that part of my biography.”

Questioned as to why he lied mindlessly, Santos said: “I just went with it, if you are going to make up a lie, are you thinking at all?”.

Santos’ lies on his mother working in the Twin Towers on 9/11

George Santos did not admit to the fact he lied about his mother working in the World Trade Center on 9/11. Records showed she was in Brazil at the time and nowhere near the towers. Nevertheless he insisted to Morgan that it was not a lie, while trying to avoid the subject.

“I won’t debate my mother’s life as she’s passed away in 2016 and it’s quite insensitive to try to rehash her legacy,” he said, “She wasn’t one to mislead me… I stay convinced that’s the truth.”

George Santos on whether he enjoys the lying

Despite the numerous non-truths, Santos told Piers Morgan he doesn’t enjoy any of it. “It’s uncomfortable,” he said “I can’t stand it and a lot of people think I love it, I just can’t stand it… you need to learn how to deal with it and that’s what I’m doing.”

The congressman also said he has not been able to give a proper apology to the American people due to media scrutiny.