the scathing threats of LaLiga president Javier Tebas to FC Barcelona!

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This is the new scandal that hits Spanish football and is already called “Barçagate” in the Spanish press. Indeed, FC Barcelona is accused of having paid nearly 1.4 million euros to the company DASNIL 95 between 2016 and 2018. A company that belongs to José María Enríquez Negreira, former referee and vice-president of the Technical Committee arbitrators at the time. If the Catalan club denies any illegal action in its approach, it has confirmed that it has called on outside advice and could however have been the victim of a great game of blackmail from Spanish society. Spanish justice as well as LaLiga have taken charge of the follow-up to this open investigation which targets the Blaugrana.

“The subject has been discussed. Each club is free to publish its statements. There is deep concern for most teams, even for Barcelona. The damage to professional football is extensive. They want it to be studied to the end. I explained what LaLiga is going to do. Among other things, we wrote a letter to the prosecutor’s office with information that can help the investigation. If there had not been a sports prescription, we would have opened a file. first calmly clarified the president of LaLiga, Javier Tebas in a joint interview with the Spanish media MARCA And ASafter meeting first and second division clubs at a summit with salary limits as the main theme.

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On this subject, Tebas clearly did not mince his words. If Atlético de Madrid demanded, during this meeting, to write a statement common to all Spanish clubs – a proposal only refused by Barça and Real Madrid, the president of LaLiga went much further in his remarks. by clearly threatening Joan Laporta, leader of the Catalan club: “If he doesn’t explain well or more reasonably why he was paid, I do think he should resign. He made a superficial statement. In Barcelona’s note it says that all clubs were doing it. It’s one thing to have ex-referees hired, and quite another to have ex-referees on the Technical Committee of Referees. This is a subject that I would like to see clarified. It’s not three seasons, it’s many, many seasons with more, several directives, I don’t like that at all.he said, thus casting doubt on possible sanctions against the Catalan club.

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In the meantime, out of respect for Spanish football, Javier Tebas does not want to give any other indications as to the continuation of the procedure or the possible large sanctions that Barça risk. The LaLiga boss is aware that the image of the championship and the country is once again tarnished by a scandal: “We will collaborate with the prosecution, if he considers that there is no reason to file a complaint, we believe that there are enough clues to file a complaint and continue the investigation. With what there is, you must continue to investigate. The clubs debated and talked about what they want. They are all deeply concerned and the clues tell us to investigate. We will continue actions to ensure that these events continue to be investigated in Europe or wherever necessary.”, concluded Tebas. To be continued.

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