Leonardo DiCaprio fed up with his fame with women: He can’t go anywhere without being linked to the youngest

Leonardo DiCaprio‘s love life has always been in the news, ever since he started out in Hollywood, right up to the present day.

However, the Oscar-winning actor doesn’t enjoy the fame he has and a source close to the actor explains that “he’s not happy”, mainly because of the latest girlfriend he’s been linked to.

This was even joked about at the last Oscars gala when Amy Schumer made a joke about the age of DiCaprio‘s girlfriends.

“What can I say about Leonardo DiCaprio? He’s making great efforts to fight climate change and to leave a cleaner, greener planet for his girlfriends. Because he’s older and they’re younger. Okay, you get the picture,” Schumer joked.

There has always been a rumor that the actor’s girlfriends do not exceed the age of 25, and it is even said to be DiCaprio‘s rule when it comes to choosing a partner.

But the actor didn’t take Schumer‘s joke lightly, he doesn’t agree with the notoriety he has in this regard, especially when it’s encouraged by the media.

Di Caprio can’t go anywhere without being linked to the youngest woman present

DiCaprio, 48, was at a party in January for the launch of Ebony Riley‘s album and was spotted there with 19-year-old model Elen Polani. They were linked to each other after these pictures emerged.

This that did not please the ‘Titanic’ star and his closest friends and family wanted to set the record straight.

“Leo is very single at the moment and does not like the rumors suggesting he is looking for these young women,” a close-source explained.

“He can’t go anywhere without being linked to the youngest and most beautiful woman in the place.”