Boxing: Mike Tyson suggests Ngannou has a chance against Tyson Fury: Anything is possible

Cameroonian fighter Francis Ngannou has received some support from Mike Tyson ahead of his potential boxing match against Tyson Fury.

Ngannou recently bid farewell to the world of mixed martial arts whilst being the UFC heavyweight champions. He wants to break into the boxing world with some big fights currently being negotiated against opponents such as Fury or Deontay Wilder.

Many have been quick to warn Ngannou about heading into the boxing world against such elite opponents rather than in easier matches, but Tyson has given him support whilst talking to TMZ.

Tyson told Ngannou that ‘anything is possible’, implying that it is not the worst idea to try and fight someone like Fury straight off the bat.

Ngannou spent more than eight years in the UFC and after Tyson Fury said he wanted to face him in a cage, he has been in negotiations, but it would be to move into professional boxing.

Wilder fight more likely for Ngannou

The fight against the Gypsy King may have to wait, as there is already a verbal agreement for The Predator to make his boxing debut with Deontay Wilder, who acknowledged his interest in the fight.

“When I met him at the UFC Apex in Vegas he was talking about doing it that time, I’m still interested in it and I would love to go to Africa for that fight,” Wilder said to Trill Boxing Talk.

“When he was with [UFC president Dana White], me and Dana sat down and talked about it. When he brought the idea to me the whole saying was ‘if it makes dollars it makes sense’.

“That’s all they need to know. I know he’s doing his own thing and I’m proud of him for following his heart, doing what he feels.

“I even thought about this idea,” he continued. “I said ‘alright, let’s make it a two-fight deal. Everybody always comes to boxing, let’s do this; you come to my s***, I’ll come to yours.”