Expelled from PSG, Neymar fumes

Despite his contract which runs until 2027 now, Neymar is still under threat at PSG. Luis Campos would still like to see him leave the capital club and would push for his departure this summer. During the last summer transfer window, he had already tried to get him to leave, something that the Brazilian would not have digested yet.

Under contract until June 2027 now, Neymar looks set to stay a few more years in PSG. However, last summer, the Brazilian was very close to a departure. The Auriverde international was not really wanted by Luis Camposwho was trying to get rid of it. Kylian Mbappe did not oppose this idea, which would have caused tension between the two players. Neymar would not have yet digested this attempt on the transfer window.

Neymar still wants Campos

According to information from goal, Neymar wouldn’t wear especially Luis Campos in his heart. The 31-year-old star is angry with the Portuguese for trying to get him off last summer. The Brazilian ended up staying in the capital, but he hasn’t yet forgiven Luis Campos.

Campos hasn’t changed his plans for Neymar

The clash between the two men at half-time of the match againstAS Monaco would therefore not be unusual. And their relationship shouldn’t work out. Luis Campos would still like to see Neymar leave the PSG. And the Parisian football adviser would now have the support of the Qatari general staff in this file. To be continued…