What are the challenges Joe Douglas is facing to pick a new quarterback for the Jets?

In the Jets‘ epic 2023 quarterback search, Derek Carr entered the building first, earning him the unofficial clubhouse leader.

Maybe his first impressions from dinner on Friday and his visit on Saturday will ultimately set the released Raider apart from players like Ryan Tannehill and Jimmy Garoppolo.

Or perhaps the assumed front-runner, Aaron Rodgers, will come out of his dark retreat with a fierce desire to capture the championship for a team that has spent the better part of five decades on its own dark retreat.

The 39-year-old Rodgers will atone for all of his Packers postseason transgressions, gain some ground on seven-time champion Tom Brady in the standings, and rediscover his ultra-relevant status in a league now led by the much younger Patrick Mahomes.

What Joe Douglas must consider before picking a new quarterback for the Jets

No matter how talented all these potential QB picks are, there are some aspects Douglas must consider before making a commitment to one player for his team:

Finding the proper fit: The quarterback position is crucial to a team’s performance, and it can be difficult to find someone that fits with the offensive system, team dynamics, and overarching goals. To ensure a good fit, Joe Douglas will need to evaluate the player’s abilities as well as their intangibles, such as leadership, work ethic, and football IQ.

Evaluating potential: Assessing a quarterback’s potential can be difficult because there are frequently numerous factors to consider, including the level of competition they encountered in college, their support system, and the caliber of coaching they received. For Joe Douglas to decide whether a candidate has what it takes to thrive in the NFL, he will have to thoroughly assess their ability on and off the field, as well as their mentality and football intelligence.

Balancing short-term and long-term goals: Joe Douglas has to strike a balance between the Jets’ immediate demands and their long-term objectives as they go through a period of rebuilding. The team needs a quarterback who can start right away, but they also need to cultivate a player who can represent the team for many years to come.

Managing expectations: Since the position of quarterback is so important, there are frequently very high expectations for a team’s new signal-caller. To make sure that the athlete has the time and support they need to develop and thrive, Joe Douglas will need to manage the expectations of the company, the media, and the audience.

Dealing with the media: In the media-heavy market of New York, there is a lot of pressure to be successful. Joe Douglas will have to manage expectations, be open with the media, and preserve the privacy of his players. Finding this balance might be difficult, but doing so is essential to the team’s success.