Paige Spiranac’s heir Grace Charis sets social media alight with revealing outfit

OnlyFans model Grace Charis has set Instagram alight after posting a picture of herself wearing a sexy low-cut top. Considered as one of the most famous golf influencers, fans believe that Charis is destined to be the heir to Paige Spiranac‘s throne.

She has already attracted almost one million followers on Instagram despite playing golf for just two years.

“You’re so amazingly beautiful, I’m so in love. You are perfection,” one fan replied on Charis‘ pictures.

Charis has numerous followers on TikTok too, updating her profile often with a variety of videos. The reason why she decided to start playing golf was because she was trying to find ways to escape from monotony during COVID-19 lockdown.

Meanwhile, Spiranac recently explained on her podcast, ‘Playing a Round’, taking the perfect picture to upload on her social media accounts is not an easy of a task.

“People don’t see the mortifying side of being an influencer, like a model, or taking pictures. It looks so beautiful on camera but if you saw the behind-the-scenes pictures you’d be like, ‘there’s no way you guys shot that where you were’,” she noted.

“We shot that on the side of a road in Denver and we had to shoot it with cars coming by, and I’m standing there in this Dorothy outfit with little pigtails, and I’m just like, ‘this is mortifying’.”