OM records the transfer of an “important player”

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Despite Unai Emery’s desire to recover his former player at Aston Villa, Matteo Guendouzi remained at OM during the winter transfer window. However, the departure of the French international at the end of the season seems inevitable, even if the principal concerned is seen as an “important player” of Igor Tudor’s team internally.

This winter, the name of Matteo Guendouzi has regularly emerged within the framework of the transfer window. While pablo Longoria got his hands on Azzedine Ounahiarrived atOM coming fromAngersthe French international for his part was announced on the departure, with a strong interest coming from First Leagueand more specificallyAstonVilla. Guendouzi finally stayed, but his departure remains inevitable according to The Team.

OM ready to part ways with Guendouzi

This Sunday, the sports daily indeed announces that the departure of the French international is clearly scheduled for the next summer transfer window. Guendouzi brings together all the characteristics to allow theOM to get their hands on a substantial check, even if the French international is seen as a ” important player » internally.

“He is an important player”

He is no longer the one you automatically put in the eleven, as under Sampaoli. But in this reasoning at the Tudor, which will go up to “fourteen holders”, he is an important player “, Slips a club executive about Matteo Guendouziin comments relayed by The Team. Which should not prevent theOM to part with it in the next few months.