Kim Kardashian had to call the police on another ‘stalker’ for violating a restraining order

Kim Kardashian has been the center of attention of different stalkers lately, and now a person by the name of Jomine Zigler was taken by the L.A. Sheriff’s department for reportedly violating his restraining order.

Jomine Zigler had a temporary restraining order

Zigler had a temporary restraining order in January after he claimed that he had visited the billionaire’s home in person, he is also suspected of being creepy by sending weird gifts to the SKIMS CEO.

The reported stalker was not within Kardashian premises but was close and could’ve intentions of trespassing as he did before.

Zigler was booked with a misdemeanor violation of the protective order

The Los Angeles Sherrif’s department took Zigler in handcuffs and gave him just a misdemeanor violation of the protective order.

Kim Kardashian’s reported stalker has to cover a $20,000 bail

Kim Kardashian’s restraining order revision hearing was supposed to happen this month to see if Zigler would be permanently banned from approaching Kim, now it seems that there is a freeway so the judge makes that temporary a permanent restraining order.

At this point, Zigler is being held and has a $20,000 bail and he won’t be able to leave unless he pays the whole amount, people close to TMZ mentioned that it is likely that he would do that again.