Olivia Dunne had enough and responded to a follower who called her ‘Mommy’

Olivia Dunne continues to work to get back from a leg injury that has sidelined her for a while with the LSU Tigers, but that hasn’t kept her away from providing social media contect for her more than 8 million followers on TikTok and Instagram, where she also promotes various products as part of her endorsement deals.

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Olivia Dunne shutdown fan that made an innapropiate comment

Olivia Dunne noticed a follower had commented one of her TikTok posts by typing “Mommy” alongside a heart emoji, which prompted the gymnast and influencer to respond in a since deleted video.

“No, I’m not going to crush your skull with my thighs. Also, I’m not your mommy,” according to The Sun.

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Olivia Dunne’s video response didn’t quite work as she planned

After Olivia Dunne clapped back at one of his followers, more were encouraged rather than deterred.

One of them said that Dunne responding to one of your comments, ‘must be the biggest flex ever’, while other assured will be commenting daily until one of his messages is responded by the LSU Tigers gymnast.