Death threat against JK Rowling: Transgender author threatens to cut her throat

JK Rowling’s move into political discourse, regarding transgender characters in her Harry Potter books, as well as everyday life, has seen her become an incredibly controversial figure.

Whilst no longer merely the provider of imaginative texts, Rowling has become somewhat of an activist for those opposed to transgender inclusion.

There have been movements to stop supporting her projects, including the newly released Hogwarts Legacy video game, while the row has moved into a new level of severity of late, with the author being on the receiving end of a new death threat.

However, what is unique about this particular threat was the fact it came from a fellow author, and it was exceedingly graphic.

The death threat against JK Rowling

Gretchen Felker-Martin is a well-known trans author who has taken particular offense at Rowling‘s position on the complex issue.

After condemning the New York Times for their defence of Rowling, Felker-Martin has turned their ire towards the Harry Potter creator.

“There is blood on Rowling‘s hands,” Felker-Martin tweeted.

“If they all had one throat, man.”

This was seen as a thinly veiled threat to cut the throat of JK Rowling, although the author later deleted the tweet.

Threats against public figures are being taken all the more seriously following the attack on Salman Rushdie in 2022, and it’s now likely that Rowling will have to take extra precautions for her own safety in the future.

The Harry Potter creator is showing no signs of changing her stance in the transgender debate, which has rapidly become one of the most heated in the political landscape of 2023.