Gwen Stefani and ex Gavin Rossdale in heated battle for custody of aging dog

Music star Gwen Stefani and Bush frontman Gavin Rossale formalized their divorce in April of 2016. The couple were married for 14 years and share kids Kingston (16), Zuma (14), and Apollo (8) together.

An apparent “quirk” of their divorce settlement, however, left one cherished family member to the Bush frontman: a pomeranian named Chewy.

Losing custody of the dog was traumatizing for Stefani

The adorable Chewy was allegedly closest to Stefani at the time the rockers split, but Rossdale has been the sole caregiver of the dog ever since their breakup in 2016.

An inside source has told Radar that Gwen Stefani is pulling out all the stops to spend time with the pup before it passes.

Poms have an average lifespan of 12-16 years, so it is unclear how much time Chewy has left before crossing the rainbow bridge.

Stefani wants to spend time with Chewy before he passes

“Gwen is desperate to see the dog and spend some cherished time with Chewy but Gavin is having none of it and has turned the dog into a pawn in his long-running war with her”, said the source.

The mutual acquaintance criticized the former couple’s behavior: “It’s just the sort of petty and childish thing these two do to each other whenever life demands that they cooperate in some way!”

Stefani and Rossdale never signed a prenuptial agreement

The couple never signed a prenup, and were able to easily agree the visitation schedule around their children. Chewy, however, has been a sore subject.

“Gavin thinks he’s gotten the last laugh. But life keeps giving us opportunities and Gwen will surely have her day over Gavin in the end”, the source concluded.