Packers are done with Aaron Rodgers and ready to move on, per report

Many things can be said about Aaron Rodgers, the legendary Green Bay Packers player, such as that he is arrogant, that he has diva attitudes or that he is now the new Prince of Darkness, at least for four nights, but there is no doubt that he is one of the best quarterbacks in the history of the NFL.

Rodgers recently announced that he will undergo a four-day, four-night mini-retirement, where he will be completely in the dark, to clear his mind and when it is over he will have already made a decision as to whether he will continue to play or retire.

In other words, Aaron Rodgers is anything but a boring QB, on or off the field. But probably when he comes out of obscurity, he’ll have one less decision to make, as the Green Bay Packers will have already made it for him.

Packers are tired and fed up with Rodgers

Columnist and pundit Bob McGinn, who has covered the Packers for several decades, said in a podcast with Tyler Dunne of that the team is ready to move on without Rodgers.

“They’re done with Rodgers,” McGinn said, citing “discussions with someone who has firsthand knowledge” of the Packers.

“He’s not coming back, at least not to the Packers. They’re upset with him and they’re done with him. They’re ready to move on.”

McGinn says he is absolutely convinced Rodgers will not return as the starter and they will finally give play to their 2020 first-round pick, Jordan Love, who they believe is ready to command the Green Bay offense.

The specialist notes that he knows this not just from one person, but from the Packers’ top brass – CEO Mark Murphy, G.M. Brian Gutekunst, and head coach Matt LaFleur.

“They think he doesn’t work hard anymore. They believe he didn’t show up to 2022 in the best shape possible and that he’s skipped the preseason program,” he added.

Thus, the future of the multiple NFL MVP will be defined in the coming days.