PSG: Neymar slips, Mbappé was right

After the defeat against Bayern Munich on Tuesday evening (0-1), PSG striker Kylian Mbappé had made remarks that some interpreted as a reminder shot towards certain players, including Neymar. Preview Wednesday in a fast food restaurant, the Brazilian launched a new controversy. Jean-Bernard Fabre, doctor in physiology, specializing in the mechanism of fatigue, confirmed the importance of good nutrition in high-level sport.

Kylian Mbappe declared after the defeat of the PSG Tuesday evening : “Above all, all our players must be in good health, that everyone sleeps well, eats well”. A statement that could target the lifestyle of some of his teammates, including Neymar. Jean-Bernard Fabrein comments reported by the Parisianreacted to this exit from Kylian Mbappé, he who is a doctor specializing in the mechanism of fatigue.

“It must drive him crazy” observes Doctor Fabre

Jean-Bernard Fabre declares: “Normally, he doesn’t need to say that,” said the specialist. It seems completely crazy to me. It’s a very strong release I think. It also shows how competitive he is. I think that if he makes the effort and he sees that culturally the guys around don’t do it, it must drive him crazy. The latter took the opportunity to explain the recovery mechanism, which is linked to nutrition: “Recovery is done mainly during sleep” but also that “diet and recovery are very much associated since depending on what you are going to eat and how much you will have different responses from your body”.

“You don’t recover”, he fears the worst for Neymar

The doctor continues: “Short-term recovery means hydrating right away,” he explains. Then there are the energy intakes in the hours following the matches. The basis is still to have balanced meals, with a sufficient amount of protein to allow the muscles to strengthen and rebuild. Typically when you eat fast food you have a lot of saturated fat which is the worst. It’s a heavy meal. However, digestion requires an effort, which in addition can last a very long time. This will create a tiring effect and absorption problem. So you don’t recover. Or not well ». THE PSG is warned…