PSG: A huge failed bet for Qatar?

At the end of last season, Paris Saint-Germain proclaimed loud and clear that they wanted to radically change their project, cutting with the bling-bling image that sticks to their skin. For this the keys have been given to the duo formed by Luis Campos and Christophe Galtier… which does not really seem to bring satisfaction.

It had been many years since the PSG did not have a real solid duo at its head, working hand in hand. The disagreements between Leonardo and the different coaches spent at the clubs have caused a lot of talk and things seemed to be able to be different with Luis Campos and Christophe Galtier. But the mayonnaise does not take for the moment!

Already the end of the new PSG?

The poor results since the beginning of 2023 could shake things up, especially in the event of the premature elimination of the PSG in the Champions League. Some media are indeed talking about a possible departure of Christophe Galtier, whose recent choices are not necessarily understood. But it’s a safe bet that if the French technician were to leave, Fields would follow him.

“The Campos-Galtier duo can be landed”

At the microphone of RMC Sports, Daniel Riolo confirmed a possible departure, assuring that Fields as Galtier have not done a good job since their joint arrival in the PSG.The Campos-Galtier duo can be landed » he explained in theAfter Foot of Thursday. ” Campos because he failed to hold the locker room as he thought he could, he missed two transfer windows. Galtier because he was not up to the task and because we are in a season which, if it ends in elimination against Bayern Munich, will be one of the worst in recent years “.