Gymnast Olivia Dunne goes back to doing what she loves the most in new video

It’s been a while since gymnast Olivia Dunne has shown anything related to her sport through her social media accounts. As one of the highest-paid college athletes out there, she knows that she need to rely on her skills in order to keep those sponsors coming. Dunne injured her leg and she had been out of activity for months, she has been pushing her teammates forward from the sidelines but that is coming to an end. After releasing her latest video, fans were overjoyed to know Olivia Dunne is back doing gymnastics.

The social media star who boasts more than 10 million followers between her TikTok and Instagram accounts was happy to be back in full swing. In the video she posted, Dunne doing some extremely difficult twists and jumps on a couple of bars. She seems in perfect form and completely recovered from her injury. This means that doctors already granted her permission to return to training and we might have her back in no time. Olivia Dunne’s fans are obsessed with her gymnastics skills She is officially ready to compete again.

Olivia Dunne’s other business ventures

What keeps Olivia Dunne attractive to endorsement deals is definitely her skill as an athlete but there are other atributes that make her extremely marketable. Her beauty is a definitive factor that will keep her relevant for many years, even after her career as an athlete is over. But also, Dunne has a magnetic personality that not many influencers have. this will open many doors for her and allow her to keep growing her image and her many different businesses in the future. We are all happy to have her back in action, that’s the most important thing.