Prince Harry shares weird Christmas ornament story in memoir

Prince Harry has revealed an amusing Christmas story in his recently released memoir, ‘the Spare’. The Duke of Sussex sat down along with Meghan Markle and their son, Archie, on Christmas Eve back in 2020 in order to open their presents.

It was then that he realised that Meghan had gifted him a unique Christmas ornament that would take him by surprise.

“One present was a little Christmas ornament of … the Queen!” he wrote.

“I roared. ‘What the-?’”

His wife explained that she thought he might like the present, one which they hung on their Christmas tree.

“It made me happy to see her there,” he noted.

“It made Meg and me smile.”

However, it wasn’t meant to last long, as their son shook the Christmas tree while he was playing, with the ornament falling and to be smashed to pieces.

“I heard a smash and turned,” Harry added.

“Pieces lay all over the floor.

“I grabbed a dustpan and swept up the pieces, all the while thinking: This is weird.”

Harry also revealed that the Christmas ornament came up again in a conversation with a psychic, who told him that his mother was with him during the session.

“I wanted to believe. I wanted every word this woman was saying to be true. But I needed proof. A sign. Anything,” Harry wrote.

Then, a psychic claimed that his mother talked about an “ornament”.

“She was there. Your mother says … something about a Christmas ornament? Of a mother? Or a grandmother? It fell? Broke? Your mother says she had a bit of a giggle about that,” the psychic told Harry.