Brittany Mahomes deals with Patrick’s groupies and hate speech in a classy way

The NFL’s new superstar is Patrick Mahomes, quarterback of the champion Kansas City Chiefs who has become, according to some, Tom Brady‘s heir. That fame brings with it the admiration of millions of fans who want to show him their affection in different ways, but also to the hatred or aggressions that his closest people may suffer.

One of them is his wife, Brittany Mathews, fitness entrepreneur and mother of his two children, who has had to learn to deal with her husband’s fame and with thousands of fans who insult her simply for having won the QB’s heart.

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In a recent interview, Brittany revealed how she deals with the groupies who send her husband direct and racy messages, as well as the hate messages she receives on her social networks or those who call her “ugly”.

She accepts that it hasn’t been easy to deal with

“I had to change my phone number because people were texting me and harassing me and saying all these mean and hateful things. But it’s hard because I have feelings just like they do,” she said.

“When they say things like I’m ugly and Patrick could have someone better than me, they have no idea what they’re saying.”

As for the groupies, she said, “I try not to worry about it or get involved. Obviously, their DMs I always delete and I don’t even bother looking at them because they’re pretty annoying girls.”

But Brittany knows it’s part of the fame and she can’t let it get to her.

“It’s always going to be a concern for any girl who’s dating an NFL boyfriend … but you just have to know that they’re just there for that and so you can’t let it get to you,” she asserted.

“It’s really hard. Even when we go out girls come up to me and ask to take pictures with him and I just look the other way and let it happen. That’s the healthy thing to do,” she concluded.