PSG: He calls for a sanction against Neymar

The defeat of PSG against Bayern Munich in the Champions League on Tuesday evening (0-1), confirmed many elements within the Parisian club. Kylian Mbappé, who wanted to remobilize his troops after the meeting, was perhaps targeting certain players, including Neymar, in his remarks. In any case, that is what Daniel Riolo believes, who also wants to see the Brazilian sanctioned for his recent attitude.

Many images are circulating this Thursday, showing the PSG star Neymar attending a poker tournament, as well as eating at a fast food restaurant on Wednesday night. A scene that immediately brought to mind the remarks made by Kylian Mbappe after losing Tuesday night: “Above all, all our players must be in good health. Let everyone eat well, sleep well”. Daniel Riolo took advantage of his presence on the set by Estelle Midi on BFM-TV to react to this exit of the Parisian number 7, and to ask for real sanctions against Neymar.

“It’s not up to him to do it”

For Daniel Rioloit is now certain, Kylian Mbappe implicitly targeted Neymar in his post-match remarks on Tuesday evening, but according to the editorialist, the Parisian number 7 is not the qualified person to warn his Brazilian team-mate: “Finally, at the end of the day, Mbappé is just one of his teammates. That he did that (his post-match statement on sleeping well eating well) thinking he was the boss, we all thought it was good, but it’s not up to him to do it..

“The fans must attack the management”, Riolo sounds the alarm

Daniel Riolo continues by trying to wake up the supporters of the PSG about the attitude of Neymar : “He does have a boss in the business, who is the president of the club, he has a coach, a sporting director. If he is not sanctioned, the supporters must also attack the management for continuing to accept the drift of this man..