Travis Kelce downs a Fireball bottle shot and had a blast during the Chiefs Super Bowl LVII parade

Travis Kelce is a man of the people as he showed on Wednesday during the Kansas City Chiefs parade to celebrate their Super Bowl LVII win over the Philadelphia Eagles to achieve their third Vince Lombardi Trophy in franchise’s history.

The now two time Super Bowl Champion tight end showed his widely known impressive hands and catching abilities to secure a Fireball shot bottle that was thrown to him during the sidelines of the parade which saw around 500,000 fans throughout the tour.

Travis Kelce also gave himself time to come down from the bus and have some fun with the fans on the side of the parade.

Travis Kelce gave an electric speech to celebrate

With a very passionate speech he rallied the crowd and his teammates who stood alongside him in the stage, talking about some key pieces of the franchise and acknowledging Chiefs Kingdom as the best fanbase in the NFL and adding they all perform the way they do because of Chiefs fans.