Anatoliy Trubin, the other phenomenon of Shakhtar Donetsk

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Becoming essential for a young football player often depends on an opportunity seized at the right time. For Anatoliy Trubin, it’s hard to do better than this October 21, 2020. Then an U21 international with Ukraine for a while despite his 19 years and already having 12 appearances with Shakhtar Donetsk, the young goalkeeper was already rocking the starting spot. a certain Artem Pyatov has been with the Ukrainian club since his arrival in 2007. A real tour de force which allowed him to start against Real Madrid for the first day of the Champions League 2020/2021. “I wanted to play Real Madrid because they are a very strong team that have won the Champions League several times. As a child, I supported Real Madrid and dreamed of meeting this club. he explained before the meeting. While his team was decimated by the Covid-19 with Taison, Viktor Kovalenko, Junior Moraes, Ismaily, Mykola Matviyenko, Alan Patrick, Taras Stepanenko, Fernando and Yevhen Konoplyanka on the flank, ie 9 starters or at least absent regular players, Anatoliy Trubin discovers the Champions League against one of the favorites of the competition. While we thought that the match was going to be very long for Shakhtar Donetsk, the scenario was very different.

2020, the year of hatching

Author of numerous parades and after a surreal first period where Shakhtar Donetsk played a merengue club next to its subject to lead 3-0, Casa Blanca was in the tough against Anatoliy Trubin and his teammates. The match ended in a painful 3-2 victory following Madrid’s revolt in the second half, but for the 1m99 giant, the discovery of the Champions League tasted like a dream. “There was a bit of excitement, but I can’t say my hands were shaking. I prepared calmly, I believed in my strength, I believed in the guys. From the first touch of the ball, all the excitement was forgotten, I was completely focused on the match, on the moments of play. he revealed after the game. However, he was not completely satisfied with his performance and the two goals conceded: “for the first half of the game with Real Madrid, I would rate myself 7-8. We played very well out of defence, played out a few times. And for the whole match I would give myself 6 points, because there were mistakes on the way out, especially at the end, when I missed the ball at the corner. There were still errors in my transmissions.” For the sake of perfection, Anatoliy Trubin did not fail to correct the situation very quickly to confirm his ideal first by disgusting Inter Milan (0-0).

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However, the third match in the competition was going very badly for him. Totally overwhelmed like his team, he lost 6-0, being at fault on certain goals. A stage of his apprenticeship much more difficult to swallow, but which he rather digested with philosophy and concern for learning. “I made my debut in the Champions League against Real Madrid. These are great emotions. With Inter, I played the first match of the Champions League from scratch. And with Borussia, the first unfortunate defeat happened with a large number of errors and conceded goals. And, probably, the game with the German team is the most valuable for me. Even if I had the choice not to live this match for example, I wouldn’t want to change anything. And even if this match with Borussia is a very bitter experience, it is thanks to such matches, I think you learn faster. he explained in remarks relayed by Sport. Solid in his mind and on his line, he responded in a very good way on the return phase by being decisive against Real Madrid (2-0) and Inter Milan (0-0) with two clean sheets to snatch a place in the Europa League. A lively autumn for Anatoliy Trubin which was already worth his first foreign interests. Approaches quickly swept away by Shakhtar Donetsk and its assistant sports director Carlo Nicolini. “Middle-ranked Italian teams approached Trubin and offered 4-5 million. This is madness. If a young Italian did what he did, he would be worth 25 million” he announced at the time to Sport.

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The confirmation

The main interested party already had an idea in mind for the future with England in sight: “I would like to try my hand at an even stronger championship. For me personally, it’s England, a dream since childhood. You leave the comfort zone, another country, a language. You have to give 200% every game. If that happens, I want everything to go well. Shakhtar made me who I am now. Yes, I study English, but in a global way, so that I can feel comfortable abroad.” Asserting himself more and more in Shakhtar Donetsk, Anatoliy Trubin also started in selection with Ukraine. A first cape against Kazakhstan (1-1) on March 31, 2021 where he was not able to convince enough to overthrow the hierarchy, but enough to experience Euro 2020 as a stand-in for Georgiy Bushchan. Returning then to his club, he was able to discover a new coach since Luis Castro had given way to Roberto De Zerbi. “It will be something new for me. I think De Zerbi and his team will help to reach a new level. For his part, he will bring something new to the team. I think De Zerbi’s arrival at Shakhtar is very good. He will not only help me, but all Shakhtar players to step up and improve.” he displayed confident on the arrival of the Italian.

A contribution which has materialized well since the goalkeeper has been able to progress in his kicking game with a team with a very marked style of play with a concern for efficiency in the recovery. Although he will be affected by a meniscus injury for a few weeks last season, he will have performed well whether against Monaco in a 1-0 victory or at Real Madrid in a 2-1 defeat where he will have long maintained hope. A season where he confirmed his status as Shakhtar Donetsk’s number one, but which will not come to an end following the invasion of Ukraine by Russia. A difficult situation for the young goalkeeper, but which will not affect his performance. If he will mainly make friendly matches until the resumption of the championship last August, he will not miss the return of competition and will be one of the strong men of the Ukrainians in the same way as a certain Mykhaylo Mudryk.

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Towards other horizons?

Making no less than 30 saves in the competition, including 11 saves in the 2-1 loss to Real Madrid, Anatoliy Trubin shares the most saves in the group stage with Simon Mignolet (FC Bruges). Precious for his team, the Ukrainian goalkeeper was decisive for qualification for the Europa League play-offs, but the latter retains a bitter taste… “My Champions League stats are great, but we conceded what… 10 goals. Now, if I had 41 saves (40 editor’s note), that would be good. Of course, that motivates me to work. I can’t say that I’m satisfied. It’s not my maximum, I know. I watched all the goals conceded and I know I could have played better. If we went further in the Champions League, we could say that it’s cool, but we play in the Europa League. It’s better than nothing, but don’t get excited and brag about it. We have to work harder to get into the Champions League.” he commented quite disappointed to finish behind Real Madrid and RB Leipzig. Challenging Stade Rennais in Warsaw this Thursday, he will try to take his team far in this Europa League now that the disappointment is over.

A beautiful deadline which also allows to notice that it can quickly become one of the last for Anatoliy Trubin with the Minors. Currently under contract until June 2024, he does not intend to extend and several teams are showing interest. According Sport, Juventus, whose goalkeeper Wojciech Szczesny is also one year away from the end of his contract, but also Tottenham, where Hugo Lloris has just celebrated his 36th birthday and has an equivalent lease, are two clubs that have shown interest in the player. Carlo Nicolini also reported observation of Napoli without saying more. If Shakhtar Donetsk wants to keep him, the Ukrainian club has nevertheless already anticipated a possible departure since Dmytro Riznyk (24) landed on February 10 from Vorskla Poltava against 3 million euros. Third behind Mykhaylo Mudryk (Shakhtar then Chelsea) and Ilya Zabarniy (Dynamo Kiev then Bournemouth) for the best young Ukrainian player 2022 award – best goalkeeper aged 21 or under in our Wonderkids 2022 – he has a chance to join his two compatriots in England since it is the championship he prefers and his profile (1m99), solid in the air and efficient in front of his line corresponds to what is popular in the Premier League. Anyway, the summer promises to be hot for Anatoliy Trubin and the Europa League with this match against Rennes is the right opportunity to showcase his qualities.

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