Real Madrid stay silent on the events around Barcelona

People at Real Madrid have been complaining for years about various strange refereeing decisions. Now, conspiracy theories have sparked after reports have emerged that Barcelona allegedly paid 1.4 million euros to Technical Committee of Referees vice-president Enriquez Negreira.

Without going any further, between 2016 and 2018, no penalty was awarded against Barcelona for as many as 78 games in a row.

Real Madrid officially remain silent, as justice is investigating into the case. As they claim at Valdebebas, though, “time proves one right or wrong and in this case it has proven us right”.

The club are clear that they are not going to comment on this case, as they believe that they have nothing to do with this mess.

Los Blancos are not willing to publicly speak of alleged referee corruption out of respect for the who take the field every week. However, this case is considered as “the biggest scandal in the history of Spanish football”.

Real Madrid’s respect for Barcelona

The club will not make any public statements out of respect for Barcelona, a club with which they maintain a good relationship while working together on a project such as the Super League.

They will keep monitoring the situation and analyzing it in detail, always doing so from a distance while observing what the justice system will decide to do.

Real Madrid understand that things will remain as they are and that neither ordinary nor sports justice will go any further.