Are the Dolphins a Fit?

As his contract extension dispute with the Ravens continues, Lamar Jackson remains the best player on the trade market. With his possible availability, anonymous rumors have been flying. Recently, Jackson was named a possibility for the Miami Dolphins.

An anonymous NFL executive was quoted saying, “maybe a Lamar-for-Tua trade makes sense,” the exec said. Logically, picks would likely go from the Dolphins to the Ravens in any package.

Bye-bye Tua?

From the Dolphins’ perspective, this is a no-brainer. Pairing Lamar Jackson with arguably the most dynamic pair of receivers in the league would keep opposing defensive coordinators sleepless. In addition, Jackson’s running ability to Mike McDaniel’s rushing attack would provide an equally terrifying fit.

What would the Ravens need?

Why would the Ravens do this? Although he received some hasty ‘MVP’ chatter in the middle of the season, the shine of Tua Tagovailoa has worn off with the repeated concussions and inconsistent play. With Todd Monken replacing Greg Roman as offensive coordinator, there is a natural fit. Despite this, it would be shocking if Tua served as the centerpiece of a potential deal. With the uncertainty that has followed him the past few months, it would be a difficult sell unless there was significant draft capital going toward Baltimore.

Who else will be involved?

If not the Dolphins, then who? The Falcons, Jets, and Raiders are the current favorites, according to All three teams would provide great weapons for Lamar on his arrival. Recently, Peter King speculated that the Jets would try for the former MVP if they were unsuccessful in acquiring Aaron Rodgers. “”I think the Jets are gonna have a very tough decision on their hands, and I think they will go after Rodgers if he does play, and if they don’t get him, I think they will at least put their sniffers out and seriously consider Lamer Jackson.”

Lamar Jackson’s Next Team (If Not the Ravens), according to BetOnline

Falcons +300

Jets +350

Raiders +450

Buccaneers +500

Patriots +750

Panthers +900

49ers +1200

Commanders +1200

Saints +1200

Titans +1200

Dolphins +1200

Packers +2000

Texans +3300